Where to Shop When in Madurai?

Situated on the banks of Vaigai river, Madurai has been inhabited for over 2000 years, thus evolving into a very happening place. Called the temple city of South India, the mainstream life of Madurai centres around the Meenakshi Temple, making the majority of trips to the city spiritually inclined. Because of this reason, a grand scale shopping that you would expect in a metro city may not work out here. However, if you do love shopping, the city does have places to get what you want.

Before we begin discussing the shopping outlets in Madurai, we must warn you that most of the shopping locations in Madurai are usually packed with people. So, if you are agoraphobic, Madurai shopping may not be your piece of cake. But if crowds don’t bother you, then the options are virtually limitless. Apart from temples, Madurai is famous for its textile industry. So why not start with some ready made garments? In case you are a fan of tailor made items, you can get that done here as well. The most famous among the shopping items here are cotton fabrics. The Sungundi and Batik Saris here come in great varieties.

Handicrafts is another option for Madurai shopping with many art pieces available for your home décor. You can buy groceries, electronics, brass works, Thanjavur Paintings and antiques at various dedicated markets here. The following is a list of outlets in Madurai according to the genre of items you wish to purchase:

• Selvi Book Centre (Nethaji Road)
• Book Plaza (Town Hall Road)
• Motherland Book Centre (West Veli St.)
• New Century Book House (West Tower St.)
• Sarvodhaya Ilakkiya Pannai (West Veli St.)

• Ambiga Jewellers (South Avani Moola St.)
• NSB Jewellers (South Avani Moola St.)
• Thanga Mayil Jewellery (South Avani Moola St.)

• Co-Optex (South Chithirai Street)
• Handloom House (East Veli Street)
• Co-Optex (West Tower Street)

Fabrics & Sarees
• Benzers (Nethaji Road)
• Kumaran Silks( Vengala Kadai Street )
• Hajeemoosa (East Chithirai Street)
• Adams 88 & 89 (South Masi Street)
• Alankar Textiles -Sungudi Sarees (South Avani Moola )
• Designs (Nethaji Road)
• Rajmahal Silks (Vengala Kadai Street)
• Ranee Sarees – Sungudi Sarees (South Masi Street)
• Nellai Dresses (Vilakkudhun)
• Sri Krishna (West Tower Street)
• Selections (South Chithirai Street)
• Co-Optex Sales Emporium (West Chithirai Street)
• Khadi Emporium (Town Hall Road)

Departmental Stores
• Solanki (Goripalayam)
• Pandian Co – Operative Super Market (Palace Rd.)
• Remuki Departmental Store (East Avani Moola St.)

• Cottage Industries Exposition Ltd (Nethaji Road,)
• Madurai Gallery Cottage Expo Crafts (North Chithirai Street)
• Surabi Handicrafts (West Veli Street)
• Poopahar Sales Emporium (East Avani Moola Street)
• Cottage Arts Emporium (North Chithirai Street)
• Poopuhar Handicrafts (West Veli Street)
• All India Handicrafts Emporium (Town Hall Road )
• Khadi Gramayog Bhavan (Town Hall Road)

ATM facilities of all major banks are located in Madurai so you don’t have to worry about running out of cash. Many stores (especially big ones) also accept card payments. Since the major banks accept foreign exchange, it is a boon for foreign travellers as well. Sangam Hotels in Madurai also offers foreign currency exchange in case you want to get it changed at the hotel itself.

One big advantage of shopping in Madurai is that you get to bargain the best prices for your favourite items. In addition to the places listed here, there are areas where you can buy miscellaneous items such as wedding cards, sanitary wares, vessels etc. Even if you don’t find what you are looking for in this list, you can find information about it in these stores and proceed accordingly. We wish you good luck with your Madurai shopping spree!