24/7 Room Service

Round the clock room service is available at Sangam Hotel Thanjavur. Professional and friendly staff are on hand to meet your requirements at all times during your stay.

Relax in the privacy of your room as you go over the large variety of culinary options available at Sangam Hotel Thanjavur. Feel right at home as you savor the food of your choice in the comfort of your room. Room service is available throughout the day and combines convenience with luxury and comfort. The prompt and professional service ensures that no need goes unmet. The service is of the highest standard including the food packaging, cutlery and formalities.

Packed Lunches

Along with Room service, we also offer the option of packed lunches which residents can take with them when they have to travel away from the hotel during lunch time. This facility is designed keeping in mind our residents who may be out visiting the many cultural and architectural landmarks that dot the cities which Sangam Hotel calls home. Tourists find this an easy, healthy and safe option to have delicious food when on the move. This is also great for business travellers who need to grab a quick bite during visits to the industrial or business establishments in Thanjavur