Thillana – Restaurant

Thillana is the multi cuisine restaurant at Sangam Hotel in Thanjavur and is a flagship facility at the hotel. It is a perfect place for residents and visitors to bring guests when dining out to celebrate any occasion.

Timings – 06.30 am to 11.00 pm

Concept and name

Thillana derives its name from a popular word in the local language which refers to a cultural show. The term is used in a specific sense to a rhythmic musical accompaniment to dance performances. Music connoisseurs refer to a ‘feast’ to the senses. The term Thillana is associated with a sense of celebration, happiness, joy and festivities. It is the same sense of joy and celebration that the name implies for the restaurant at Sangam Hotel in Tanjore.

Extensive choice of food

Thillana serves up an extensive offering of dishes from a range of cuisines. For travellers and tourists from outside India the continental course makes you feel just at home. At the same time there is an extensive sampling of local delicacies, particularly dishes that involve the local rice grown in the area. The exclusive Sunday lunch buffets provide residents and visitors an opportunity to relax and have a hearty meal from the wide selections of dishes. The Tanjore Thali meals which are available at Thillana are very well known in the region and known for being elaborate and extensive.

Great Ambience

Thillana is set in a luxurious ambience that complements the great food. The roof of the restaurant is designed in a unique tent shaped format and is adorned by decorative woodwork and highlighted by chandeliers. The lighting on the sloped and multilevel ceilings and the pillars makes for an interesting setting. The restaurant also overlooks the plush lawn outside which is set next to the swimming pool, which is partly visible from inside the restaurant through the glass doors.