Dining arrangement in Thillana at Sangam Hotel, Thanjavur
Thillana restaurant buffet set-up - Sangam Hotel, Thanjavur

Thillana - A Cultural Culinary Experience

Timing : 6:30 am to 11 pm

Thillana the multi cuisine restaurant is a flagship facility at the hotel. It is a perfect place for residents and visitors to bring guests when dining out to celebrate any occasion.
Concept and name
Thillana derives its name from a popular word in the local language which refers to a cultural show. The term is used in a specific sense to a rhythmic musical accompaniment to dance performances. Music connoisseurs refer to a ‘feast’ to the senses. The term Thillana is associated with a sense of celebration, happiness, joy and festivities. It is the same sense of joy and celebration that the name implies for the restaurant at Sangam Hotel in Thanjavur.
Extensive choice of food
Thillana serves up an extensive offering of dishes from a range of cuisines. For travelers and tourists from outside India the continental course makes you feel just at home. At the same time there is an extensive sampling of local delicacies, particularly dishes that involve the local rice grown in the area. The exclusive Saturday buffet dinner and Sunday brunch provides residents and visitors an opportunity to relax and have a hearty meal from the wide selections of dishes. The Thanjavur thali meals which are available are very well known in the region and known for being special.
Thillana is set in a luxurious ambience that complements the great food. The restaurant also overlooks the plush lawn outside which is set next to the swimming pool and is visible from the restaurant.

Dining arrangement in Layam Bar at Sangam Hotel, Thanjavur
Dining arrangement in Layam Bar at Sangam Hotel, Thanjavur

Layam Bar - A Grecian Retreat

Timing : 11.00 am to 12.00 am

At the ‘Layam’ bar you can choose from a variety of liquor options available and complement it with a choice of snacks, including local favorites.
Layam adopts a Greek theme which can be seen in the wall murals, and provides for an interesting ambience for patrons and visitors who drop by to enjoy a drink from the wide choice of liquor and side dishes.
From artists to art connoisseurs Thanjavur is famous for patrons and tourists from India and abroad who flock to see its famous architectural and cultural landmarks and the unique art form which is Thanjavur paintings. So if it is to meet interesting people or for tourists to get tips from local patrons, Layam is a happening place at Sangam Hotel in Thanjavur.

24/7 In-room Dining & Packed Orders

Round the clock room service is available at Sangam Hotel Thanjavur. Professional and friendly staff are on hand to meet your requirements at all times during your stay.
Relax in the privacy of your room as you go over the large variety of culinary options available. Feel right at home as you savor the food of your choice in the comfort of your room. Room service is available throughout the day and combines convenience with luxury and comfort. The prompt service ensures that no need goes unmet.

Along with Room service, we also offer the option of packed lunches which residents can take with them when they have to travel away from the hotel during lunch time. This facility is designed keeping in mind our residents who may be out visiting the many cultural and architectural landmarks that dot the cities. Tourists find this an easy, healthy and safe option to have delicious food when on the move. This is also great for business travellers who need to grab a quick bite during visits to the industrial or business establishments in Thanjavur.