Corporate Meeting Venues in Madurai

Madurai has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and culture to the people visiting this city famed for its Meenakshi Amman temple. But that’s not all that the city has to offer. By virtue of the numerous industries, businesses and educational institutes located here, there is always a need for venues for conducting formal meets and conferences too.

When you are looking for appropriate venues for corporate meetings, you want the location to be just right and suitable for the image you want to protect your organization. As such, you need a venue that provides a comfortable, congenial atmosphere befitting your position in the world of business.

Most prestigious hotels come adjoined with a convenient conference or convention centres that are ideal for big meets – be it for social or corporate purposes. When selecting a venue, you want a place that can offer sufficient seating, has central air-conditioning as well as provides access to modern audio-visual technology needed for most corporate meets.

You also have to ensure that the venue is in an easily accessible location and has sufficient car parking facility for the convenience of the guests. Aside from this, the conference hall should be attached to a prestigious hotel that can offer fine dining for your guests with ample uniformed waiters to attend on them.

And since some meetings go on for a couple of days or more, and also because some of the guests come from outside the city, to ensure that your meeting venue also provides comfortable accommodations that are suitable to the position and social standing of your guests.

The Sangam hotel in Madurai is the go-to hotel in the city and is very popular with tourists and pilgrims alike. It is also a popular choice for most important corporate meetings as this brand of a hotel offers an air-conditioned conference hall that is aesthetically designed with luxurious panelling and the latest in audio-visual technology. It seats about 250 people with theatre-style seating so that everyone has a good view of the centre stage.

And if you need a smaller hall, Sangam hotel also offers the Mini Hall which can seat about 30 people that is ideal for corporate meetings. With the hotel being very experienced in hosting formal events, you can be sure that the multi-cuisine restaurant located here offers the best in dining experience too for your important guests.

With the city having a great road, rail and air connectivity, the prestigious Sangam hotel in Madurai makes an ideal venue for any corporate meeting.