Relish the Authenticity of Chettinad Cuisine

Interactive Kitchen

Chidambara Vilas provides a rare glimpse into the traditional Chettiar kitchen through the Interactive Kitchen concept where local Chefs cook Chettinad food with locally sourced ingredients and traditional techniques. Visitors can interact with the Chefs through a translator to learn about the origins of this world famous cuisine. The open kitchen allows visitors to try their hand at traditional techniques that bring an added dimension to the flavours and textures that are found nowhere else. Experience the sights, smells and sounds of the traditional Chettiar kitchen and savour the unique dishes that it has to offer.

Visiri Hall - Traditional Leaf Lunch

The Chettiars were well known for their opulence but also for their real world practicality. While they evolved their own style of eclectic sensibilities from their many travels, they also kept close their traditional preferences. This is reflected in the lunch hall where the food was served on freshly cut banana leaves and the food eaten with the hand from Spartan tables devoid of any ornateness.Most dishes have been invented centuries ago and are enjoyed in the original format even today. The recipes have been handed down over generations and use ingredients selected from local sources.The process of dining is an experience in itself and the staff at Chidambara Vilas are at hand to guide you on the traditional method of partaking the meal, including how the various dishes are traditionally paired with each other for the best experience.

Kalyana Kottagai - Fine Dining 

The formal meal is served to guests at the Kalyana Kottagai, as part of the carefully crafted menu for the period of the stay. The cuisine consists of Chettinad, North Indian and Western delicacies which can be subtly customized to guest’s preferences.. The pillared columns, ornate lighting, woodwork and the double height ceilings bring back the ambience of British era luxury, creating a perfect setting for savouring various cuisines.

Koppai - The Bar

Koppai traditionally meaning ‘wine goblet’ in the local language is the heritage bar at the Chidambara Vilas. Just like the historically relevant Kalyana Kottagai that used to be a marriage hall or an opulent courtyard for ceremonies; the Koppai was once a pantry for the “PandhiKattu” or dining hall meant for grand ceremonies or weddings.