Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park Trichy - Sangam Hotels

There is something about nature and the great outdoors that appeals to one and all. Fresh air, greenery and fragrant colorful flowers have a way of stirring the souls of the most hardy of city dwellers. And when it comes to the ethereal fluttering of colorful butterflies, everyone gets enchanted!

There is a strange beauty to be witnessed in the way the plain insignificant-looking caterpillar turns into an enchanting butterfly. As they flit from one flower to another, in search of nectar, they draw the eyes of both the adults as well as the younger ones. The Tropical Butterfly Conservatory is located in 25 acres of the reserved forests of the Upper Anaicut in Srirangam area of Trichy (also known as Tiruchirapalli) district in Tamil Nadu state. It’s considered to be the largest butterfly park in Asia and attracts tourists from far and wide.

This butterfly paradise consists of an outer conservatory, a glass indoor conservatory and a Nakshatravanam (Zodiac Sign Park). The outdoor conservatory area is carefully cultivated to provide an enabling environment for the butterflies to complete their lifecycle in near-natural conditions. A myriad of flowers and plenty of greenery provides a peaceful environment for them to procreate. Aside from the well laid out floral patches and extensive lawns, there are also fountains, a beautiful waterfall and an artificial lake to keep the area cool and humid as well as add to its beauty. There is a giant sculpture of a blue tiger butterfly at the entrance as well as other sculptures of caterpillars and other insects. Children can have fun boating in this shallow lake or in the children’s park or enjoy the thrill of crossing a suspended bridge. There is also a cave with paintings of wildlife to inspire the mind.

The Nakshatravaram is very significant as it has 27 plants/trees varieties corresponding with the 27 Nakshatras and 12 plants/trees corresponding with the 12 zodiac signs. A 1.2km walkway gives you the freedom to stroll around and soak in the sight of fluttering butterflies amid this peaceful green environment.

This is a great place to get close-up with nature when you want a break from visiting the magnificent temples and other historical and cultural monuments in Trichy. Getting to the city is very easy as it’s well-connected with good roads and railway. Trichy also boasts of an airport if you want to fly in. A great place to stay here is the resplendent Sangam hotel which offers every modern facility along with a warm touch of traditional hospitality.