Wedding Destinations in Madurai

Wedding Destinations in Madurai - Sangam Hotels

Love is the most formidable force of all, it cannot be measured or enslaved, but flourishes when the man steals her heart and she steals his last name! It is the beginning of the journey that finally culminates in a wedding that the two people involved remember for all the days to come.

Which is why you need to make your wedding as special as you can, after all, it comes just once in a lifetime. Gone are the days when the big fat Indian wedding with a thousand guests was a must for society. With couples wanting a more personalized wedding, the best way out is to go for a destination wedding. A wedding away from home ensures that only your close friends and family who really matter get to attend your wedding. The best part of destination weddings is that you can spend quality time with your loved friends and family members without getting overwhelmed by numerous people who don’t really matter all that much.

The trend these days is to choose a destination that the couple wants to honeymoon in – and organize the wedding there. It works out well because, after the hullaballoo of the wedding, the newlyweds don’t have to travel again for their honeymoon, but get to celebrate right away where they got married – after the guests leave post the wedding.

Madurai, the city of temples, culture and numerous tourist destinations offers numerous possibilities to celebrate your marriage. All you need to be careful about is choosing the right hotel or resort for the wedding. Ensure that it has a comfortable hall with a luxurious ambience as well as sufficient car parking facility for your guests. Check out the Madurai branch of the prestigious Sangam group of hotels which has all the facilities as well as highly experienced staff that can arrange every minute detail of your wedding day for you – so that you don’t have to worry about a thing and can just concentrate on living the moment!

Aside from an air-conditioned hall with theatre-style seating, you could also arrange the wedding on its spacious green lawns which can seat 100-400 guests depending on the seating arrangement. Or if you wish, you could even opt for a poolside wedding at this hotel as there is ample outdoor space. With the availability of great accommodation facilities as well as multi-cuisine dining and well-trained staff, you couldn’t go wrong in choosing the popular Sangam hotel for your wedding destination!