Unforgettable Thanjavur Cuisine

There is more to Thanjavur than its rich collection of magnificent temples. Located in the heart of Tamil Nadu and home to ancient kingdoms of yesteryears, Thanjavur also boasts of traditional cuisine that titillates the taste buds no end. While the traditional food here is vegetarian, the non-vegetarian cuisine cooked in coconut milk is equally awesome.

Thanjavur cuisine is wholesome, fresh and easy to prepare. It’s equally easy to relish too, be it the wonderfully filling breakfast dishes or the diverse ‘Thali’ meals. A visit to Thanjavur isn’t complete unless you have feasted on their local cuisine. You could try local specialities like the temple idlis (Kancheepuram idlis) which are a tastebud-tickling variation of the regular idlis. Try these idlis with the rich, unique-tasting ‘kadappa’ curry and a variety of chutneys.

Aside from this breakfast dish, you should also try out the variety of mouth-watering dosas, uthappams and vadas. You could also go for the piping hot pongal made with millet and served with spicy gotsu gravy. After such a heartening breakfast, you will be fully charged to spend the day touring the marvels Thanjavur has to offer. And when the summer heat gets to you, try out the traditional Vasantha neer drink made up of fresh coconut water with a dash of refreshing mint flavour. This is an exquisite taste you will never forget!

And when you are famished by lunchtime, a must-tryout meal is the traditional vegetarian ‘thali’ meal. Though there is a delicious non-vegetarian thali variant also available, the rich collection of dishes in the vegetarian thali will send the staunchest non-vegetarian into food heaven. The thali meals at the Sangam hotel located here are a work of delicious art. The meal starts off with a basket of fried ‘vadams’ and ‘vathals’ served with a bowl of piping-hot soup. This is then followed by a large traditional ‘thali’ (plate) with a dozen little bowls offering up delectable aromas.

The thali meal is started with chapatti consumed with dal and sabzi. It is then followed by an unending stream of rice enjoyed with dishes like sambar, rasam, kootu, kozhumbu, poriyal, curd, etc. The meal is finished off with a dessert bowl of sweet payasam. This delicious meal is truly fit for royalty, especially when you are attended to by a team of warm, smiling waiters waiting to offer you more of any particular dish you loved.

Wash down the meal with the traditional Kumbakonam Degree coffee and you will be fully charged to carry on with your touring and travelling!