Meeting and Conference halls


Vasantham is the largest hall at Sangam Hotel Trichy and is suitable for events like weddings and which involve large gatherings like state and national level conferences. The decor and grand space of the hall forms the perfect backdrop for important events. The pillarless halls lends an impressive sweep of space and adds grandeur. The chandeliers also provide a rich and classy feel to the decor along with warm and muted lighting.


Nivandam is perfect for corporate and executive meets, company gatherings and for business meetings for dealers, retailers or buyers. The hall is used for social functions involving a smaller gatherings. It is also used for evening dinner and cocktail parties. Nivandam is distinguished by its exemplary acoustic qualities which is regularly pointed out by clients and visitors to the various events hosted here. The acoustic qualities are an important factor in events involving people addressing a crowd.


Nanjai is a compact hall and is popular for more personal functions like birthday parties and reunions. The Nanjai hall is designed to provide a more casual feel through all its details, including the choice of fabric and colors and the wooden panelling. This is a perfect complement to less formal events with smaller gatherings.

Utsav and Kalanjium

These halls are most suited for meetings with smaller gatherings like club meetings, association gatherings and review meetings. A lot of care has gone into making these halls perfect for typical meetings including world class audio visual systems. A touch of art and the local element is also added to bring personality and character to the space – for example the meeting area in Utsav is complemented by a prominent artwork showing a painting of the Rockfort temple. Since most meetings held here have some relation to Trichy (education, businesses, residents), the local touch brings a sense of purpose and belonging into the theme.

Board Room

A fully equipped board room facility is available for corporates or business meetings. The plush facility has an ambience suitable for formal meetings.

Car Parking facilities

Sangam Hotel Trichy also provides car parking facilities for upto 100 cars within the hotel. Adequate support and space is available to support events of different sizes to be held in any of the six halls available.

Leaf meals for traditional events

Leaf meals are also served in the halls which are perfect for traditional events and weddings, which is a speciality offered by the hotel. This is a great facility for clients looking to host traditional events since high quality meals can be provided by Sangam Hotel itself.

Hall (Area)Theatre StyleBanquetU-ShapeBoard RoomClass Room
Vasantham (6600 Sq.Ft)700200150280
Nivandam (2900 Sq.Ft)2501008454150
Nanjai (1490 Sq.Ft)9040422451
Utsav (1000 Sq.Ft)25030272536
136(Board Room) (480 Sq.Ft)2515152015
Kalanjium (740 Sq.Ft)4025212021