Cascade 24/7 Coffee Shop

Keeping in line with international hotel destinations, Sangam Hotel Trichy boasts of a 24 hour Coffee shop to cater to its clientele of tourists, visitors to the city, stopover travellers and the business community.

Cascade derives its name from the centerpiece of the coffee shop which is an artistic waterfall installation with flowing water. The calming sounds of the streaming water form a backdrop to the residents enjoying their food, and sets the tone for a relaxed atmosphere which defines the theme for Cascade.

Open 24 hours

Cascade is open for 24 hours and can provide a sumptuous dinner even for travelers visiting or stopping over at night or after a late night movie.

Options for Children

Cascade has many options for kids, including favorites like Pizzas and Burgers. Icecreams and milkshakes are also available at any time of the day, and families can bring their children to enjoy treats while they can savor fine dining options at Chembian restaurant. The cone shaped dosas and dosa options with various stuffings are also popular and ensure that there is something unique and tasty to savor for the entire family throughout the stay and at any time of the day.

Regional specialities in a new format

Cascade refines the local flavor and presents it in a luxurious ambience. Visit cascade to be pleasantly surprised by the local flavor of Trichy. One specialty at Cascade is the local Parathas which is popular in the region as a street food and is not generally available in this hotel segment. You can also enjoy the famous south Indian Dosa in exotic avatars during the ‘Dosa Dhamaka’ which runs till midnight – the foot long dosa is a favorite from amongst over a dozen Dosa formats, and including continental hybrids like the Cheese Dosa with Cheddar Cheese.

International dishes

International travellers can also dine on their favorites including fish and chips and sandwiches. Even when travelling away from home, international travellers can choose to combine new and exotic culinary experiences with the comfort of authentic dishes from back home including soups, salads, sandwiches, sundaes and brownies. Cascade is a great place to catch up with fellow travellers over coffee or tea and snacks in Trichy