Trichy temple – Jambukeswarar Temple

In this Trichy Temple, the goddess Sarawathi stands gracing the devotees in a standing form without her Veena.

This temple was built by Kocengannan (Kochenga Chola), one of the Early Cholas, around 1,800 years ago.The sanctum of Jambukeswara has an underground water stream and in spite of pumping water out, it is always filled with water.There are five enclosures inside the temple.
At every noon, the priest dress up as a woman to offer prayers to a cow. This is as per the temple’s ideology.
As per the temple history, a sage Jambu performed penance in this place and Lord Siva granted him salvation through Naaval(similar to Blackberry) fruit. Naaval is called Jambu in Sanskrit. Authored by: Sangam Hotels