Trichy – A glance

The historical city of Tiruchirappalli (known as Tiruchi or Trichy) is located on the scenic banks of the Cauvery river. It is the fourth largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu, India and is centrally located in the state with several beautiful temples, churches, and scenic tourist spots. Its rich cultural and architectural heritage is a major source of attraction for the first-timer in Trichy as the city provides a fine blend of the traditional and modern times. It is one of the oldest inhabited city in Tamil Nadu with earliest settlements dating back to the second millennium BC; it was earlier known as Uraiyur, the capital of the early Cholas for 600 years from the 3rd century BC onwards. Currently, Uraiyur forms part of the suburbs of Trichy.

History has it that this city has been ruled by many dynasties, including the Pandyas, the Pallavas, the Vijaynagar Empire, the Nayak dynasty, the Carnatic State as well as the British. This beautiful city, as it stands today, was built by the Nayaks of Madurai. It was here that the Carnatic wars were fought in the 18nth century during the British – French struggle for supremacy in India.

The world’s oldest surviving dam, the Kallanai, which was built in the second century AD by the Cholas over the Cauvery river, is still in existence here. The most well-known landmark in the city, however, is the Rockfort Temple a spectacular temple perched atop a massive rocky outcrop and towers above the city. The other must-see historical monuments here include the rambling Ranganathaswamy temple, which could easily be India’s largest temple, covering a whopping 2.5 square km area. It is located on an island made by the splitting of the Cauvery river before it empties out into the sea. The Jambukeswarer temple complex here is also huge and is full of beautiful sculptures and carvings.

Trichy is also internationally famous for its cheroots, popularly known as the Trichinopoly cigars, which were exported out to Britain during the 19nth century. It is also known for its handloom clothing, glass bangles, artificial diamonds and wooden/clay toys.

The Sangam hotel is very popular with the tourists visiting Trichy and we see a lot of international visitors. Getting to Trichy is also easy as it has its own international airport as well as decent connections by rail and road to different parts of southern India.

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