Tourist Places in Trichy

Trichy is one of the ancient cities of Tamil Nadu which is identified for its great culture. This city has been ruled under different dynasties including the Cholas, Pandyas, Pallavas and many more. The city is adorned with world famous temples and buildings and therefore has been a centre of attraction for tourists for centuries.

Apart from a city with architectural beauties, Trichy has also developed to be an important educational and industrial hub. Therefore the city attracts diverse kind of tourists right from business to pilgrims and history enthusiasts.

Being an important centre of tourist attraction, the hospitality industry has also got developed over the years. There are various hotels catering to these diverse kinds of tourists and their needs, while promising a memorable stay in Trichy. Amongst the hotels available in the city, Sangam hotel has become a name to be reckoned with. A tourist can enjoy spacious rooms, with round the clock room service and a highly professional staff thereby ensuring a pleasant stay.

There are many places and attractions to see in Trichy. A few of them have been listed below.

Rock Fort Temple – Built several hundred years ago, this temple is visited by both historical and architectural enthusiasts. The temple is unique as it is built around a huge rock and has a long hike up the hill. One can pay obeisance at the temple at the top, though the temple is open strictly for Hindu tourists only. The temple’s architecture is marvellous and the view of the city from the top is simply breath-taking. Tours can be arranged on request from Sangam Hotel and tourists can also access the temple website for various fairs and festivals happening across the year.

St. Lourdes Church – Situated near the Rock Fort temple this church was built in Gothic architectural style. The stained glass depicts stories of Bible on them. One important feature of this church is that it is 200 feet tall and is visible from a distance of almost 8 km.

Grand Anicut – Located about 20 km away from Trichy, this is an ancient dam built on Kaveri River. It is also known as Kallanai and was built in 2nd Century AD during the Chola era. It is said to be the oldest water-regulator structures in the world, which is still in use.

For over three decades, Sangam hotel in Trichy has been catering to the tourism needs of the city. It has various facilities catering to different needs of the tourists and has over the years garnered a reputation which is hard to beat! All said and done, it goes without saying that staying at Sangam hotel Trichy will ensure that you take back pleasant memories to cherish!