Tourist Places in Thanjavur

Thanjavur is an ancient city epitomizing the rich culture of the Chola era. Formerly known as Tanjore, this city is the home of the famous Brihadeswara Temple and the incredible Tanjore paintings. Situated in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, it is mainly an agrarian city and a famous centre of silk weaving. This heady mix of culture and business is evident in the kind of tourists who visit this historic city.

Thanjavur has emerged as one of the busiest tourist centre in Tamil Nadu and the hospitality industry has grown to cater to the influx of tourists from across the world. Thanjavur is mainly a centre of pilgrimage with huge pilgrims visiting this city to get a glimpse of the gods. Among the many hotels in Thanjavur, Sangam Hotel is a name which is highly popular among tourists. With more than 50 rooms to provide a comfortable stay for tourists and proximity to the railway station, this hotel is a preferred choice.

There are many places to see in Thanjavur with the Great Chola Temples being the main attraction. Some of the best places to see are outlined below-

Brahadeswara Temple or the Big Temple- An awe- inspiring structure, this temple is just a kilometer away from Sangam Hotel. One of the most beautiful architecture of the Chola Era, this is a must in every tourist’s itinerary. The temple attracts a steady inflow comprising both architectural enthusiasts and pilgrims.

Gangaikondam Cholapuram- A Cholan architectural masterpiece, this temple has been visited by numerous travellers across centuries. The structure has been designed in a manner that at any given point of time, the sun-light shall fall directly on the idol of main deity.

Thanjavur Royal Palace and Art Gallery- This palace is a testimony of Cholan architecture and offers interesting insight to its rich cultural heritage. Visitors are enthralled by its sheer beauty and grace.

Vijayanagar Fort- Situated about 2 km away from the Brahadeeswara Temple this fort is one of the popular historic monuments of Thanjavur. Siva Ganga Garden, Sangeetha Mahal, and Saraswathi Mahal Library are located in this fort.

Other places to see are the Schwartz church built in the Big Temple’s premises, Airavateswara Temple, Naganathaswamy Temple and much more. You can also catch up on some musical and dance performances in the city.

For an avid traveller, Thanjavur offers options just like the local thali, catering to various needs. Whatever be your area of interest, the city will not disappoint you. Catering to all these diverse tourists and their needs, Sangam hotels does stand out. The spacious room along with the multi-cuisine restaurant takes care of visiting as well as resident guests. The hospitality services rendered by the staff ensure that the guest’s stay at Thanjavur is an experience to cherish!