Things to do as soon as You Check Into a Hotel

hotel check in

Vacations are a great way of getting away from the daily mundane lifecycles and relax, rewind and rejuvenate. The travel to your holiday destination can sometimes get a bit tiresome and all you want is to get to your hotel, your getaway.

However, getting to your hotel room doesn’t mean that you can now sink into that inviting plush bed and relax. There is just one more step to be gotten through before you allow yourself the luxury of unwinding or unpacking. You will first need to check out your hotel room. Here’s a look at some of the things you will need to look out for:

Open the Curtains

Check if the windows give you the view you had requested for; this could be an ocean view or pool view, etc. Since you haven’t unpacked, you can still get your room changed to one you are more comfortable with.

Door Lock

Check if your room’s door shuts or locks properly as hotel door locks can sometimes malfunction too. You wouldn’t want someone to enter your room while sleeping. Try locking the door from the outside and see if it is actually working.


Check if there are enough towels, toilet paper and other disposables available in the bathroom. Also ensure that the taps, shower and flush are working properly too. You wouldn’t want to find out their non-functionality at the wrong moment!


After a long day traveling, don’t throw yourself onto the bed. Ensure that the sheets are clean and unstained. You should also check for bedbugs as even top hotels sometimes fall prey to these pesky bloodsuckers!

Climate Control

Check out the room’s heating/cooling system before settling in. If it doesn’t work properly ask for a room change ASAP.

Hotel Safe

It would be better for you to keep your passport, important documents, wallet and jewelry inside the hotel safe – even when sleeping. Don’t take chances.

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