Shopping in Trichy

Also known as Tiruchirapalli, Trichy is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu and amongst the most-visited tourist destinations in this southern state. This charming citythatwas once the stronghold of the early Chola rulersis an amazing blend of traditionand modernity.

Trichy,nestled on the banks of the Kaveri River is home to a rich cultural heritage. It is well-known as a temple city in southern India and boasts of an array of attractions that include historically-significant monuments such as the world’s largest functional temples – Sri Ranganathaswamy temple on the Srirangam Island in the Kaveri River, and the Vinayaka temple. Another famous attraction here is the historical Rock Fort complex which also houses some ancient temples including a cave temple. The 273-feet rock is believed to be a billion years old and has been the site of many a battle in the past. Another attraction here is the beautiful ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ church built by the British in 1890 AD in gothic style of architecture.

A trip to Trichy isn’t complete without some shopping, and for this, the city offers an array of shopping options which range from hi-fi malls to several local bazaars offering a rich variety of items ranging from local textiles to Zirconium diamonds and locally-made cigars. Trichy is well known internationally for a brand of Cheerot called ‘Trichinopoly Cigars’.

Some other specialty crafts that are unique to Trichy include jewelry, brass products, pottery, stone carvings, silk saris, paintings and woodcraft. You can also find hand-made colorful baskets and mats made out of reeds, cane, bamboo and even grass. Some of the best places to satisfy the shopaholic in you include the famous Chinnar Bazaar, Gandhi Bazaar and Big Bazaar Road. These vibrant bazaars offer colorful displays of authentic artifacts and handicrafts that literally pour out onto the streets and lanes. Crowded with tourists, these shops and stalls offer good prices and authentic products for the discerning buyers. And for those of you who are antique enthusiasts, the flea markets here might even throw up some real antiques from the times when various dynasties ruled this region!

But if you like more urban surroundings while shopping, you could always head to the government-run emporium where you can find almost all the same things,albeit a little on the expensive side.

And while you are visiting Trichy, you could always stay over at the classy Sangam hotel, where you can experience true Trichy hospitality and get royally pampered amidst all the available amenities.