Puliancholai Falls, Trichy

One of the most visited spots near Trichy, Puliancholai is a great place to enjoy the scenic beauty, the chirping birds and the flow of rivulets that originate from several falls and runs across the forest adding to the beauty of the spot. It is an exceptionally beautiful tourist attraction that lies comfortably at the foothills of Kolli Hills. Puliancholai is a well regarded forest area that is covered in green plants and countless other tamarind groves. It is from the numerous tamarind groves that the place gets its name; Puliancholai, which literally translates to ‘shadow of tamarind trees’ in the local tongue.

Puliancholai attracts tourists from across the country and world throughout the year. Most of the tourists really enjoy spending time and taking bath at the natural springs that one can find here. It is the waterfall that gives the place its beauty, attraction and the unmistakable charm. The Puliancholai falls is a stunning terrace waterfall that can be seen as a beautiful rivulet that falls all the way through rock-strewn terrain.

The rocky areas of the spot provides for all funs and thrills one wants to have while visiting this place. For the adventure lovers, there is everything—from trekking paths to rock climbing and many others—to pump their adrenaline levels to newer heights at this place. The rugged paths that crisscross across the forest forming intricate labyrinths are exceptional to go on a trekking. The path leading the visitors to the forest inside has many surprises for the visitors from exceptional fauna and flora to mesmerizing natural beauty.

The visitors can find a Shiva temple located about 12 kilometers into the forest and those who want to pray at the temple can comfortably do so there. Many devotes take the trek into the temple to offer prayers to the deity—Lord Shiva—there.

There is another beautiful falls which is a five-hour trek away from Puliancholai and called Agaya Gangai Falls. The forest here is considered to be a great haven of incredibly powerful medicinal plants. The water flowing through the forest is also considered to have medical properties due to the presence of the medicinal herbs here.

Another attraction here is the Pithukkuli Cave that is quite a spot to enjoy the craftsmanship of nature. For people who want to escape from the busy lives and the uncomforting hustle-bustle of the city, Puliancholai is a quite, calm and serene place where you can find peace, tranquility and serenity.

How to reach Pulincholai Falls

Being an attractive and mostly crowded tourist spot near Trichy, it is not difficult to reach Pulincholai, and there are several ways to reach Pulincholai; from Chennai, Trichy and the nearest Namakkal. Pulincholai is located 340 kilometers from Chennai, 76 kilometers from Trichy and 50 kilometers from Namakkal. Visitors can reach the spot either on their own vehicles or hired cabs that can be rented at Trichy, Namakkal or even Chennai. There are also many bus schedules that operate between these cities and Puliancholai.