Places to Visit in Tiruchirappalli

Tiruchirappalli—or Trichy, as many would like to call—is the fourth biggest town in the state of Tamil Nadu. Owing to the sheer size of the town Trichy is blessed with numerous attractive tourist spots that make it an ideal location to spend your vacation at. It is a rare place where history and culture meet to bring the best out of both. Having a rich recorded history that dates back to the 3rd century BC, the town has been under several rulers from the Cholas to the Pandyas to the Pallava, to the Vijaynagar Kingdom, to the Carnatic Kingdom and the British, recently. The rulers have never failed to leave their marks on the city giving it a distinct character and culture.

The city, being surrounded by river Kaveri, has rich vegetation and abundant natural resources. Though there are quite a few places to visit in Trichy, the most important ones, which must not be missed, are given below.

The Rockfort Temple:

This is a rare place of magnificent architecture and serenity. It is an old fort that has a temple on top of it. Another breathtaking building at the fort is the Ucchi Pillayar Temple believed to have been built during the 7th century AD. It is still breathtaking to fathom about the labour and technology that could have been used to build it while beholding the temple that is 83 meters high at the top a rock situated at the fort complex.

Kallanai Dam:

Considered to have been built by the Cholas about two thousand years ago, the dam is one of the major attractions in Trichy. Due to the vegetation and the views offered by the dam, this is a perfect getaway location for anyone wanting a spot for a picnic in Trichy.

Erumbeeswarar Temple:

Built over an 18 meters tall knoll, Erumbeeswarar Temple is dedicated to the all-powerful Lord Shiva. The architectural style is an excellent element of the temple to watch and adore and the particular Dravidian style used here is very different from other temples in an around the area.

Puliancholai Falls:

Another exceptional place to have fun and to enjoy the magnificent natural beauty is the Puliancholai falls. Being a terraced waterfall, it attracts a lot of people for its calm and serene setting and breathtaking views.


Dindigul is another exceptional tourist spot that you must not miss while you are in and around Trichy. The Silver Cascade Falls and Sirumalai Reserved Forest are two of the best spots that you must cover while visiting Dindigul.

Poompuhar or Puhar:

Located near the spot where the river Kavery meets the sea, the spot is famous for acting as a centre spot that helped Buddhism to flourish at the region.

As you would understand Trichy is an amazing place to spend a vacation. While the above-given list is not comprehensive at all, it is aimed to help you understand about the places that you never miss on a vacation to Trichy.