Madurai Has All the Resources to Help It Emerge as an Incredible IT Destination

Madurai and the southern regions of Tamil Nadu contribute about forty percent of the professionals working in various IT companies across the industry. It has been emphasized by the president of the Madurai District Tiny and Small Scale Industries Association (MADITSSIA) that various steps have been taken by them to make major IT companies aware of the potential of the place in meeting the human resource requirements of such companies to run their businesses profitably. It is only befitting, that for a region that contributes heavily to the IT industry its most prized asset, efforts are being taken to get Madurai its due place it deserves in the nation’s IT map.

He also emphasized the fact that they have been eyeing to improve the desirability of the place by taking part in various IT conferences and exhibitions that are scheduled to come up in the future. And, to pitch the temple city as a capable place to look after the requirements of any major IT company that wants to set up their campuses in Madurai.

‘Several presentations, which emphasize Madurai as a potential IT hub complemented by its growing infrastructure, have been made to be distributed during these events. And, several copies of these presentations have already been distributed to the visiting delegates from various countries looking to invest in the burgeoning IT sector of India. We have also gotten promises from several of these delegates to visit the city and initiate talks in the upcoming months. The coordinating force behind such programmes will be ‘MADITSSIA’, said the president.

Many of the IT companies operating from their campuses in Chennai and Bangalore have made it public that they are not really happy with the current situations in these cities. Increased operating costs, lack proper living conditions that are further deteriorated by the lack of space, good roads and drinking water have boiled down to forcing these companies to look for newer pastures that can offer them better productivity and business prospects. It has comes down as a major impetus for Madurai, which seeks to impress the investors with the right human resource and infrastructure.

He added that these situations helped them market Madurai as a viable option for these companies that are looking for tier-2 cities for better business expansion opportunities. It was also rightly pointed out by him about the increased affinities of international investors to set up their business operations in tier-2 cities that provide for cheaper invest options.

Of the three major secondary cities—Trichy, Madurai and Coimbatore—that have been in the game to attract the attention of the investors, Madurai leaps ahead miles of the others. In terms of the availability of skilled manpower, connectivity, security and the required public infrastructure Madurai has always been a place to reckon with. With improved focus by the MADITSSIA to further up their game to improve the status quo of the city as a potential IT hub, it is only a matter of time when Madurai gains its rightful place in the IT map of India.