Hotel Star Ratings – All You Need to Know

hotel star ratings

When planning a trip somewhere, one of the first things you need to check is the type of accommodations available in that area. You will find that the hotels listed will have a star rating attached to them. While that is nothing new to most people, it can get confusing as different websites might show the same hotel with different star ratings. This is because there is no universal star rating system available and as such, various countries end up having their own unique rating systems.

What is Hotel Star Rating?

Hotel star ratings are usually from 1 to 5 with a 1-star rating being the most basic and 5-star being the highest and best rated. The star rating system is based on the amenities and facilities available at the hotel. It helps guests decide which hotel would be more suitable for their needs and budget – whether it’s for just a bed for the night or for a more luxurious stay.

Do note that hotel star rating is different from the review star rating that customers may leave behind on a site depending on their experience at that hotel. Having said that, here is a closer look at the hotel star rating system:

One Star

This infers that the hotel doesn’t offer any frills, just the basic bed and attached bathroom. Do note that a one-star accommodation doesn’t mean it’s dirty or dingy or in a poor location; all it means is that it’s a no-frills attached hotel.

Two Star

These type of hotels are more affordable and generally comfortable when compared with higher star rated hotels.

Three Star

Such properties generally have unique amenities and extend quality service.

Four Star

This category of hotels offers high-end services along with extraordinary comfort and quality.

Five Star

Flawless services in a plush environment. Get royally pampered with premium dining options, personalized service and ultra-luxury amenities and toiletries for the guests.

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