Cultural Festivals of Trichy

Festivals of Tamil Nadu

This historical city has been in existence since medieval times when it was the seat of power of various dynasties. Also known as Tiruchirapalli, Trichy is a culturally-diverse city and fast developing into a major commercial and educational center.

Located on the banks of the Kaveri River, the majority of the city’s population follows the Hindu faith and Trichy abounds with temples. Aside from their historical significance, a number of colorful festivals are also associated with these temples with some festival or the other always going on. January sees the onset of the colorful 4-day Pongal festival followed by the feisty Jallikattu festival and there on to Puthaandu (Tamil New Year), Deepawali, etc.

All these festivals add culture and color to the city’s attractions with people from other countries coming to partake in these festivities too. Here’s a look at some of these festivals:

Float festival

Celebrated in the month of ‘Thai’, many Trichy temples celebrate this festival. As the name suggests, the idols are decked out in colorful flowers and together with gleaming lamps, they are floated on rafts in the temple tanks. Thousands gather to observe this beautiful ritual.

Vaikuntha Ekadasi festival

It is believed that during the Dhanurmasa period falling between December-January, the heavenly gates to Lord Vishnu’s abode are open and deserving people can escape from the cycle of birth and death. This auspicious festival day is accompanied with fasting, meditation and prayers leading to purity of heart and cleansing of mind and soul, thus opening the gates to heaven.


This is a 4-day harvest festival. The first day is known as ‘Bhogi Pongal’ where the rain god is worshipped followed by ‘Surya Pongal’ where the sun god is worshipped. The third day is ‘Mattu Pongal’ and includes worship of cattle that form part of the harvest. The fourth day is ‘Kannum Pongal’ where friends and family gather together to celebrate with traditional dancing and singing.


This is a high-octane ritual during the Pongal festival and usually includes the men only. On Kannum Pongal day, the men engage in bull taming and the event is accompanied by raucous cheering as the men pit their strength against the beasts.

The best part of festivals in Trichy is that there is always some cultural festival going on so visitors can have a great time witnessing local culture. And with Trichy being well-connected with highways, railway and an airport, getting here is easy too. You could stay-over at the prestigious Sangam hotels and experience Trichy hospitality at its best!