Checklist for Choosing an Event Venue

Things to Consider for Choosing an Event Venue - Sangam Hotels

Organizing an event can be a dicey affair with many important details to be kept in mind so everything goes hitch-free. And one of the most important decisions is choosing the right venue. Before finalising a venue, here is a checklist to follow so you choose the best option possible:


Choose a location that is easy to access and has good transport links from within and outside the city, including airport access. A location that offers other sightseeing places of interest is always an added bonus for the expected guests.


As with everything, the venue should fall within your budget. Check if the rates are lower during weekdays or off-season, to get better deals. Ensure that the price is all inclusive of the various facilities needed. Finally, book well in advance so you don’t have to settle for second best somewhere else.


Choose a date when the weather is most likely to be sunny and dry. No one likes getting their good clothes muddied. And in case you are booking an outdoor area, ensure you have a Plan B to switch to in case it rains.

Type of event

The type of event or theme you are planning should suit the style of the venue too. Conferences and weddings need different styles so check if the venue provides the right type of background setup. Most hotels have large multi-purpose conference halls with stages and modern audio-visual systems, making them suitable for parties, receptions as well as conferences.

Seating capacity

The ideal venue should be able to seat the number of guests you are expecting, without making the space too cramped or over-large. Most hotels and resorts offer venues that use dividers to provide just the right size of a hall with formal or informal seating arrangements as per your need.


Check if there are parking facilities, AV equipment, decorators, restrooms, cloakrooms, security, any restrictions, etc. Also check if they can provide catering services including waiters, and a clean-up service. It’s best for you to personally check out the venue beforehand and also ask for menu-tasting.

The chain of Sangam hotels at Thanjavur offers 3 classic venues for events. You could go for a chic outdoor garden arrangement, opt for the elegant Varnam conference hall which provides seating for 125 in formal and informal settings or select the exclusive Sruthi hall which can seat 40 people. The hotel provides all facilities including, parking, catering, decoration, etc. What’s more, it is easy to access with excellent rail and road connectivity and Trichy airport just 56km away. Thanjavur also offers excellent sightseeing opportunities so your guests can have a fun trip too!