Thanjavur Dancing Dolls

Thanjavur Dancing Dolls

Thanjavur is a heritage city in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and richly immersed in culture, arts and history.… Read more »

Poompuhar Thanjavur Art Plates

The ancient Thanjavur city of Tamil Nadu, India, is well-known as a center for religion, arts, architecture, culture and history.… Read more »

Architectural Heritage in Trichy

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Shesharayar Mandapam

Shesharayar Mandapam

Tiruchirapalli is an ancient city located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu which is famous for its temples. Tiruchirapalli… Read more »

Anna Science Centre, Tiruchirappalli

Anna Science Center

Tiruchirapalli, also known as Trichy, is an ancient city with a rich history of being the citadel of various empires… Read more »

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park Trichy - Sangam Hotels

There is something about nature and the great outdoors that appeals to one and all. Fresh air, greenery and fragrant… Read more »

Saraswathi Mahal Library

Saraswathi Mahal Library - Sangam Hotels

The southern state of Tamil Nadu is rich in religious and cultural history and appeals to history buffs as well… Read more »

Checklist for Choosing an Event Venue

Things to Consider for Choosing an Event Venue - Sangam Hotels

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Places to Visit in Thanjavur

Thanjavur is located in Tamil Nadu and was the capital of great kingdoms in ancient times and today offers a… Read more »

Natyanjali Dance Festival – Thanjavur

Natyanjali Dance Festival - Sangam Hotels

Thanjavur is a famous city located by the Kaveri River in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The most important… Read more »