Best Time to Visit Thanjavur

Thanjavur formerly known as Tanjore has always been known as a cultural capital of the South. Apart from being the centre of culture it is also a prominent centre of rice cultivation, which has earned it the sobriquet ‘Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu’.

The city shot into prominence as the capital of the mighty Cholas between 11th and 14th century. During these periods, the Cholas built several temples in the city and developed Thanjavur as an important centre of art and culture. Brihadeeshwarar Temple stands testimony to the wealth and might of the Cholas.

The temples of Thanjavur were built not just for the religion, but also for the fine arts – music, dance, sculptures and paintings. The best time to visit Thanjavur to savour its rich culture and history, would be from October to March. During the summer months, from March to May, it is extremely hot. It is advised to carry an umbrella with you, though, in case of surprise showers.

Here is a short introduction of the festivities to look out for when in Thanjavur.

  • The unique dance festival of Thanjavur is dedicated to Lord Nataraja or Shiva. The dance festival is organized in collaboration with the Natyanjali Dance Festival, Chidambaram (State Department of Tourism) and Central Ministry of Tourism. The Natyanjali Dance Festival is celebrated for a continuous period of five days of Mahashivratri (October).
  • Thiruvaiyaru, about 14 km from the city, is the birthplace of Sri Thyagaraja, the legendary musician-composer of Carnatic music. The Carnatic Classical Musical Festival is observed at Thiruvaiyaru with great enthusiasm in the memory of the Carnatic musical maestro, Thyagaraja, in the month of January. The Natyanjali Dance Festival and the Carnatic Classical Musical Festival are some of the prominent festivals of Thanjavur that bears relics to the unique cultural heritage and traditional legacy of this region.
  • Thanjavur is also renowned for its gold-plated paintings which originated around 1600. The city is a shopper’s paradise all year round and is the best place to buy handloom silk and cotton saris. Paintings, bronze and brass idols and jewellery are also worth a buy.

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