Amazing Spots to Trek in Trichy

Trekking is one of the most enjoyable activities that people indulging in adventure tourism take part. If you love the outdoors, trekking is a great way to enjoy it. Trekking is an adventure that refreshes both the body and mind. Of course, there are tons of benefits that come off it, including increased bone density, weight loss, smooth functioning of the cardiac muscles, improved hand – eye & leg – eye coordination and much more.

Trekking in Trichy is becoming popular day by day. Trekking has evolved as a mainstream activity of sorts in Trichy. Perhaps this has a lot to do with the wonderful geography here that favours trekking really well. Here we have charted a couple not-to-be-missed routes that trekkers in Trichy should pursue.

If you happen to be around Trichy, Pachamalai is a great spot for adventure tourism. The name actually means ‘green mountain’ and is actually a green hill range just about 80 km north of Trichy. There are tribes who still live here, with their unique culture and way of life. The altitude of the range is from 500 meters to 1000 meters and is part of the Eastern Ghats. The place is excellent for trekking and long guided walks into the jungle. There are plenty of safe spots around waterfalls and rivers which makes the whole trek much more enjoyable. One could also purchase forest produce here – like beeswax candles, honey etc from the indigenous.


This is also a great place for adventure tourism, just about 72 km from Trichy town. While trekking here, one can see unique rounded rocks that are millions of years old! There is a beautiful waterfall here called Akaya Ganga, where the water is supposed to have medicinal properties. There are also quite a few caves that one could explore like the Pithukkuli cave. Honey, fenugreek, guava, orange, mustard, garlic, maize and millets are found at Pulliancholai.

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