About Sangam Hotels

The Sangam group was established at Trichy in 1975 and has grown over 4 decades to become one of the landmark brands in the cities of Trichy, Madurai and Thanjavur. The brand expanded to Tanjore in 1995, Madurai in 2002 and started a luxury heritage hotel in Chettinad in 2010. The Sangam brand is representative of the warm hospitality synonymous with the people local to this region. Sangam has established itself as the preferred location of stay in these cities for many visitors – a relation built on the principle of trust developed over the years between the travel fraternity and the Sangam team, which has helped it to grow to where it is today.

Sangam builds on its brand name by constantly innovating with the times, upgrading facilities and offering the latest features that travelers desire. Sangam proposes to double its inventory including expansion in Madurai and a new facility in Rameshwaram. In this way Sangam is eager to cater to new markets, through the signature hospitality that the brand stands for wherever it serves.

Over nearly 40 years of service, Sangam has played host to eminent dignitaries, many of whom have enjoyed the facilities as they were growing up, and cherish fond memories of their stay at Sangam. These patrons, who occupy leadership position in various fields, continue to choose Sangam as their first choice of stay in cities where the brand is present.

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